A tire retreading system that uses GALGO “OTRead” brand pre-cured tread products. OTRead products are designed for use in mold cure systems and are manufactured with special compounds developed by GALGO for use and applications in earth-moving (i.e., OTR) tires.


Uncured rubber material manufactured in continuous strip form and available in standard dimensions of 3 1/2″ x 3/8”. Product dimensions can be modified, depending on customer needs. In addition, product can be packaged in either 50 kg cardboard boxes or on pallets weighing up to 900 kg.

Strips can be used for retreading OTR tires with a mold cure system (at temperatures of 150°-160° C / 302°-320° F) or any direct steam system (i.e., Sculpturing, Band Lug, etc., at temperatures of 128°-135° C / 262°-275° F). Due to their high tack, the strips can be used for filling skives by compacting the material with a power hammer and cutting away any excess with either a cold or hot blade.

Different compounds are used in tires designed for surface and underground mines, and in industrial tires (depending on the type) and include: earth-moving vehicles with E3 and E4 tires; loading and shunting vehicles with L2, L3 or L4 tires; and on compacting vehicles with C3 and C4 tires. Product can be supplied in slabs for these types of applications.


Manufactured in rolls for mold cure retreading. Designed with integrated cushion gum, and protected by a polyethylene film. Available in maximum dimensions of 24″ (610 mm) wide and 48/32” (38 mm) thick. Product can be manufactured using different compounds for use in off-road applications.


GALGO’s PRE-Q product line features more than 80 different tread designs and is manufactured with a special compound for long haul, regional, urban, mixed and sever service. Product can be manufactured using different compounds depending on customer needs and final application.



Special pre-cure segment treads available for OTR tire retreading that range in length from 20 4/8” (522 mm) to 26” (660 mm).


Blocks or independent lugs available in different shapes and sizes for retreading OTR tires.


High tack material available in strips or slabs used to promote the union between the tire and the new tread. Designed with physical-mechanical properties that offer high resistance to stone drilling.