Material designed to fill cavities in damaged tires. Can be used to repair or retread tires when using a mold cure system at a temperature of 150° C (302° F).


Material manufactured into strips for use in extrusion. Promotes the vulcanization process when used for retreading tires in both mold cure and pre-cure systems. This material is useful in all types of applications.


Rubber for Shoulder reinforced available in 1” or 2” wide strip for use in retreading radial and bias tires. This cushion gum helps to boosts the tread adhesion in the shoulder of tire. It also improves the final finish of the tire covering the buffed surface. It can be used with hot-air equipment or the direct steam system.


Extruder material used to repair and/or fill tire damage cavities during the retreading process. This material can be vulcanized with the PRE-Q, mold cure, and direct steam systems.


Cement that promotes the bonding of rubber products such as PRE-Q tread, die size/camelback, strip rubber, repair material, and filling material, to the casing through the process of vulcanization. This cement is considered universal because it can be used with both pre-cure systems (using temperatures of 100-150° C / 212-302° F) and mold cure systems (using a temperature of 150° C / 302° F).


A water-based black paint consisting of a blend of vinyl and acrylic resins in an aqueous solution. It can be sprayed or brushed on and is used to give retreaded tires a better appearance. Once the applied paint has dried, its elastic properties prevent cracking. In addition, it does not attract dust, it cannot be washed off, and it will not stain it if comes in contact with a person’s skin.


Rubber envelopes used in pre-cure systems. Suitable for either rim or rimless systems (with inner envelope or with metal ring), and manufactured from a special compound that: • Offers resistance to high vulcanization temperatures in autoclaves (Bonders). • Provides greater envelope flexibility, thus easily adapting to the different tread designs which range from side tread to heavy-duty block treads. • Helps preserve the original shape of the envelope, reducing deformation and elongation or premature degradation. Envelopes are manufactured in sizes specific to trucks and pick-ups and are designed to meet shop requirements.


Galgo’s rubber wick pads are a suitable replacement for textile pads because they ensure sufficient venting. they do not stick to the rubber cushion gum on the tire shoulders or to the fillers on the tire sidewall, they are easy to handle during application, they adapt to the design of the tread under the effect of pressure, and they allow for a shorter sealing time when a vacuum is applied. wick pads are made from a rubber compound that is resistant to high temperatures. in addition, they are suitable for rimless systems with an inner envelope and for rim systems because they can be trimmed to fit if necessary.