Galgo Launches New Designs at Reifen

Galgo once again participated in the Reifen Trade Fair, held from May 24-27, 2016 in Essen, Germany. Reifen, considered the world’s leading tire industry trade fair, certainly did not disappoint, showcasing several top tire industry innovators and trendsetters, and featuring many new and unique products and services including: tires for all types of vehicles and implements, recycling equipment, accessories, tools, tire retreading manufacturers, and various other items related to the tire and retread industry across Europe and around the world.

One of the biggest highlights of the fair for Galgo, was the launch of their two new tread designs, the SRL (Super Single Rib Light), created for highway application, and the GRL (Galgo Rounded Shoulder Light), created for regional application. In addition, Galgo introduced a new OTRead size stemming from its OTR VT (Versa Tread) line. This tread has many benefits including a low rolling resistance compound that not only generates less pollution but also helps conserve fuel thus meeting SmartWay approval.

Present at the Galgo exhibit were company sales representatives who oversee various regions across Europe, as well as directors from the company headquarters located in Mexico. During the four day fair, Galgo representatives embraced the opportunity to meet with a large number of attendees and not only share the wide range of products and services the company provides, but also to gather feedback from individuals on what works well for them and how Galgo can better meet consumers’ needs.

Galgo, a proud participant of Reifen since 2000, has experienced great success in Europe over the years and has consistently grown their customer base, acquiring clientele from across Europe and other parts of the world as a result of the great exposure they have been able to achieve at this fair. Additionally, they have become well known for their excellent quality products and services, which are currently offered by only a few other companies in the retread market.