Galgo Introduces Trailer Three Ribs (TTR) Tread Design

In an effort to continually meet the needs of the retreading market and satisfy its customers, Galgo has launched the new Pre-Q brand Trailer Three Ribs (TTR) tread design.  This tread is available in a width of 8 5/8” (219 mm) and a depth of 20/32” (15.9 mm), and is designed for regional application.

The TTR tread is an excellent retreading option because it provides a wide range of road contact  which results in improved mileage, increased safety, and gives vehicle operators a greater sense of confidence.

The outstanding features of the TTR tread include the wavy ribs rim which provides greater stability, deep channels and walls staggered angle which facilitate higher performance, and the lightly rounded shoulder design that results in less drag resistance thus making this tread design ideal for bare shaft regional application.