Galgo obtains 3PMSF certification on three additional Pre-Q tread designs

In an ongoing effort to offer high quality products and meet the needs of the retreading market and their customers, Galgo has expanded their Three-Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) certified product line, to include a total of 17 tread designs ideal for all applications.

Galgo received a rating of “excellent” for grip or traction for these tread designs which include: Winter Mileage Performance (WMP), Key On Performance (KOP) and Low Profile Drive (LPD).

These three treads, which are branded on the side with the official 3PMSF symbol, are specially designed to run under extreme conditions, such as ice and snow covered roads.


Through the development of top-notch products such as these, and a variety of other 3PMSF certified designs, Galgo continues to show their full commitment and dedication to meeting customer needs and remaining at the forefront of technology in the retreading industry.