Galgo Europe announces New Distribution Center

In recent years, Galgo has experienced steady growth across Europe, as reflected in increasing sales and continual requests for their products and services by customers in the European retread market.

As a result of this growth, Galgo is excited to announce that they have recently relocated their European headquarters to a larger distribution center located in Willebroek, Belgium.

This expansion provides Galgo with a strategic location to efficiently fulfill product orders and deliveries across Europe, allows for updated stock management, and promises enhanced customer service.



Galgo introduces new Key on Performance (KOP) Tread

In an ongoing effort to meet customer and market needs, Galgo developed the new PRE-Q Key on Performance (KOP) tread for mixed applications. This new tread is featured in four sizes that range from 230mm (9”) to 260mm (10 2/8”) in width, and 19mm (24/32”) in depth.

The main features of the KOP tread include offset rim blocks that deliver excellent rolling traction and allow for self-cleaning. In addition, this tread is designed with a special cut and penetration resistant compound, and is recommended for low speed applications and short distances. The state-of-the-art design features of the KOP tread provide enhanced safety and greater mileage, making it an excellent choice for retreading.

Galgo obtains 3PMSF certification on three additional Pre-Q tread designs

In an ongoing effort to offer high quality products and meet the needs of the retreading market and their customers, Galgo has expanded their Three-Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) certified product line, to include a total of 17 tread designs ideal for all applications.

Galgo received a rating of “excellent” for grip or traction for these tread designs which include: Winter Mileage Performance (WMP), Key On Performance (KOP) and Low Profile Drive (LPD).

These three treads, which are branded on the side with the official 3PMSF symbol, are specially designed to run under extreme conditions, such as ice and snow covered roads.


Through the development of top-notch products such as these, and a variety of other 3PMSF certified designs, Galgo continues to show their full commitment and dedication to meeting customer needs and remaining at the forefront of technology in the retreading industry.

GALGO expands its SmartWay line with new GRL tread design

Galgo’s Rounded Shoulder Light (GRL) tread design, is the latest in their line of high quality products to receive SmartWay certification.  This certification signifies that Galgo’s design is EPA approved and CARB compliant, and adheres to the necessary technological requirements defined by the California Air Resources Board.

Available through Galgo’s PRE-Q product line, the GRL tread design is available in five sizes and has several advantages when compared to other tread designs.  A primary feature is its ability to consume less energy when rolling, which reduces heat production and ultimately decreases rolling resistance.   This, in turn, lessens fuel consumption which helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Through the development of products such as the GRL tread and a variety of other SmartWay certified designs, Galgo continues to show their full support and commitment to promoting better air quality and helping care for the environment.


Galgo Introduces Trailer Three Ribs (TTR) Tread Design

In an effort to continually meet the needs of the retreading market and satisfy its customers, Galgo has launched the new Pre-Q brand Trailer Three Ribs (TTR) tread design.  This tread is available in a width of 8 5/8” (219 mm) and a depth of 20/32” (15.9 mm), and is designed for regional application.

The TTR tread is an excellent retreading option because it provides a wide range of road contact  which results in improved mileage, increased safety, and gives vehicle operators a greater sense of confidence.

The outstanding features of the TTR tread include the wavy ribs rim which provides greater stability, deep channels and walls staggered angle which facilitate higher performance, and the lightly rounded shoulder design that results in less drag resistance thus making this tread design ideal for bare shaft regional application.


Galgo Launches Metropolitan Bus (MB) Tread Design

Galgo has expanded the range of its Urban Pre-Q product line with the new Metropolitan Bus (MB) tread design.

This tread comes in a width of 9 4/8” (240 mm) and a depth of 19/32” (15 mm).

The MB tread is one of the best options for tire retreading in urban applications because its wide rim rib design provides extensive road contact. This feature delivers greater stability, increased safety, and improved mileage. In addition, the MB tread is ideal for passenger transportation and offers outstanding functionality and mileage for articulated buses operating in urban applications.

Galgo Launches New Designs at Reifen

Galgo once again participated in the Reifen Trade Fair, held from May 24-27, 2016 in Essen, Germany. Reifen, considered the world’s leading tire industry trade fair, certainly did not disappoint, showcasing several top tire industry innovators and trendsetters, and featuring many new and unique products and services including: tires for all types of vehicles and implements, recycling equipment, accessories, tools, tire retreading manufacturers, and various other items related to the tire and retread industry across Europe and around the world.

One of the biggest highlights of the fair for Galgo, was the launch of their two new tread designs, the SRL (Super Single Rib Light), created for highway application, and the GRL (Galgo Rounded Shoulder Light), created for regional application. In addition, Galgo introduced a new OTRead size stemming from its OTR VT (Versa Tread) line. This tread has many benefits including a low rolling resistance compound that not only generates less pollution but also helps conserve fuel thus meeting SmartWay approval.

Present at the Galgo exhibit were company sales representatives who oversee various regions across Europe, as well as directors from the company headquarters located in Mexico. During the four day fair, Galgo representatives embraced the opportunity to meet with a large number of attendees and not only share the wide range of products and services the company provides, but also to gather feedback from individuals on what works well for them and how Galgo can better meet consumers’ needs.

Galgo, a proud participant of Reifen since 2000, has experienced great success in Europe over the years and has consistently grown their customer base, acquiring clientele from across Europe and other parts of the world as a result of the great exposure they have been able to achieve at this fair. Additionally, they have become well known for their excellent quality products and services, which are currently offered by only a few other companies in the retread market.